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EDF - Je suis

Film and photography production
“Je suis” | Handicap Invisible | EDF


The concept of the film The idea for this film was born from a desire to change the way people view individuals with invisible disabilities. Through poignant testimonials and meticulous staging, we aimed to create a work that is both educational and moving. The creation process was marked by challenges, particularly in the accurate and respectful representation of various disabilities. Our film delves into the complexities of disabilities, highlighting a significant fact that 85% of disabilities are not immediately visible, including conditions such as deafness, the aftereffects of a stroke, DYS disorders, chronic pain, and depression. The aim of your project is to unveil these lesser-known realities to foster awareness and encourage a more tolerant approach towards individuals who face these challenges on a daily basis. This focus on invisible disabilities is crucial for broadening our understanding of what it means to live with a disability, moving beyond stereotypes and acknowledging the diverse experiences of individuals with disabilities. By bringing these stories to the forefront, your film seeks to contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic society.

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