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Gilles L.



Gilles Laborie is a renowned fashion photographer and creative director in the fashion industry. His expertise as a fashion photographer and his unique artistic vision have made him an invaluable collaborator for numerous footwear brands in France and abroad. His work involves capturing the beauty, aesthetics, and elegance of products while telling a visual story through his photographs.Gilles Laborie has played a significant role in showcasing the footwear collections of many brands by creating striking images that highlight the style and identity of each product. His creative talent and mastery of photography have allowed him to successfully work on advertising campaigns, editorial photo shoots, and various fashion projects both in France and internationally.As a fashion photographer and creative director, Gilles Laborie has brought a distinctive artistic touch to the fashion industry and has contributed to promoting numerous footwear brands on the international stage. His work continues to inspire and captivate fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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