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Jean-Philippe D.



A professional fashion and advertising photographer working in Lyon, Paris, and Geneva:

Discover the captivating world of Jen Philippe Darbois, a professional fashion and advertising photographer who leaves a unique artistic imprint in Lyon, Paris, and Geneva. With exceptional talent for capturing the essence of fashion and advertising, Jean Philippe combines creativity and technical expertise to create images that exceed expectations.

His keen eye and innovative approach make each photo shoot a unique experience, capturing elegance, dynamism, and emotion in every shot. Whether on fashion runways, in advertising campaigns, or during exclusive sessions, Jean Philippe Darbois brings a distinctive artistic vision to each project.

Based in the iconic cities of Lyon, Paris, and Geneva, Jean Philippe strives to push the boundaries of photographic creativity, offering clients aesthetically pleasing and impactful images. His passion for his craft shines through in every photograph, creating a portfolio rich in diversity and artistic excellence. Immerse yourself in the unique visual universe of Jen Philippe Darbois, where the art of photography meets the timeless elegance of fashion and the powerful impact of advertising.

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