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Loic F.



Allow me to introduce Loïc Foulon, a passionate filmmaker. After studying cinema at the ARFIS school in Lyon, Loïc embarked on his journey in filmmaking, creating music videos for Lyon-based artists and engaging in the production of short films. It is through his exceptional work on “A Glimpse of Heaven” and its unique universe that Loïc caught the attention of Atreyu, one of the flagship bands in American Metalcore, for whom he is currently directing a music video.

Possessing a distinctive artistic vision, Loïc Foulon stands out for his ability to bring original ideas to life and create captivating visual works. His remarkable talent in directing music videos and short films has garnered interest beyond borders, providing him with the opportunity to collaborate with renowned artists like Atreyu.

His experience at the ARFIS school in Lyon has shaped his creative approach, and his passion for cinema is evident in each of his projects. As an emerging director, Loïc Foulon promises to continue surprising and inspiring audiences with his innovative and captivating work in the world of filmmaking.

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